Update for September 2020

A month after DOM Cloud went public on August 27, 2020, what's new this month?

Provider Displacement

We moved to a new provider, Digital Ocean. This move has an impact on specification changes, of course larger specifications!

You can read details about package displacement and specification changes here. In short, the change in

FreedomFree256 MiB18 GiB
Lite50K1024 MiB60 GiB
Pro200K3072 MiB180 GiB
Business600K8192 MiB600 GiB
Super*1800K16384 MiB1800 GiB
Legend*6000K40960 MiB6000 GiB
*) New Package

New Dashboard

Dashboard Hosting now contains an hourly graph of disk space and bandwidth usage.

Dashboard that contains a graph of resource usage

In addition, there are several buttons such as Check Login, DNS, SSL that serve to view passwords, as well as check if DNS or HTTPS website works. If You Check Deploy? We'll peel the part off later.

New Landing Page

The front page is now better designed with principled "Show, don't tell", such as showing our server features available to you:

You can see the new website design in https://domcloud.id

Bandwidth Add-Ons

Starting this month, if your host starts running out of bandwidth, you can buy additional bandwidth dibadrol for 5 thousand rupiah per 10 GB. The system of bandwidth Add-ons is Roll-over, meaning that if additional bandwidth remains, then the remainder will continue for the next month. This is different from the bandwidth provided by the plan, which is divided equally on a monthly basis.

Between monthly bandwidth and add-ons, what's used first is a monthly plan. Bandwidth add-ons can be considered as emergency quotas. Keep in mind, here the monthly quota is not roll-over, the remaining bandwidth will be forfeited when the month is finished, not moved to the month after.

Hosting Installation Scripts

This installation script is a very useful feature if you want to try website applications from the internet without having to download, upload, extract, let alone set up the installation via SSH; now simply write the script (or choose from the available templates) and just wait for the installation process (deploy) to complete. For now the available installation script templates are:

WordPress, Laravel, Django, Ruby on Rails, one-click installation complete.

There is another cool one, if we click Check Deploy, we can see the results of the running process of the script. This is useful to find out if our deployment fails, and we can edit that deployment again and click Deploy Again.

Want to develop your own script? You can learn that through our github repo. You can also contribute to adding more templates if you want!

Our Focus on Internationalization

To get more consumers, we prepare a lot to catch english-speaking consumers. The first change, the default language now for the portal (without language instructions) is English. In addition, consumers can change the language and currency of the transaction to English – USD. Transactions using TransferWire are still done manually. The portal language has almost all been translated into English and we've refreshed the landing page and the English version is available on the https://domcloud.id/en/.

Other Important Improvisations

  • Home pages, portals, and email communications now use their domcloud.id
  • Notification emails are now moving to @mail.domcloud.id and we're already using a better email design.
  • When you register a new account, you no longer need to input your mobile number, and you don't need to verify your email before you can register a new hosting.
  • You can now view server specifications through portals. We do this as part of our incentive for transparency. We never try to oversell server resources to our customers.
  • All accounts are subject to a limit on how many hosts can be added. Start from 1 for those who haven't verified email, then 5 for those who have never purchased a Lite plan, 10 for Pro, and so on.
  • The server now supports IPv6.

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