Move Provider to Digital Ocean

After operating for more than a month, we felt there was still less of our provider, as dom cloud decided to move provider, this time Digital Ocean.

Digital Ocean is a long-established Cloud provider (10 years) has many strategic datacenter locations, including Singapore. What motivated us was that the bandwidth costs at Digital Ocean were much cheaper, 10 times lower. In addition, according to their claims, their performance per dollar count is highest than that of other cloud providers.

For the current server, we use a droplet with a RAM specification of 4 GB, 2 vCPU without Swap. Although the cost is still cheaper in terms of us, this is a pretty good upgrade specification. Also the server now supports IPv4 + IPv6 configuration, certainly making this server even more attractive.

The initial server, but identification became SGA (Singapore A). When you access the portal, you'll find this label in the URL.

After this move, we decided to add disk space specifications in each package, to the following:

Freedom200 MiB256 MiB
Lite500 MiB1024 MiB
Pro1500 MiB3072 MiB
Business6000 MiB8192 MiB

Then for bandwidth per year, about 3 times the previous one:

Freedom6 GiB18 GiB
Lite18 GiB60 GiB
Pro60 GiB180 GiB
Business180 GiB600 GiB

We believe that DOM Cloud will one day add specifications over time. Therefore, we open the purchase of new package levels by decrypting the package as follows.

Plan NamePriceDisk SpaceBandwidth
SuperUS$ 180.0016384 GiB1800 GiB
LegendUS$ 600.0040960 GiB6000 GiB

Also, to support the use of our new data add-ons feature, each package purchase will get the following bandwidth add-on bonuses.

PackageMain BandwidthBandwidth Add-on (Bonus)
Lite60 GiB5 GiB
Pro180 GiB15 GiB
Business600 GiB50 GiB
Super1800 GiB150 GiB
Legend6000 GiB500 GiB

The addition of this quota is nothing but to increase your convenience in running a hosting business on us.

The provider's move is part of a September update.

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